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  • History

    Vellai Thamarai, an Organization created in 2006 by Ajit and Selvi Sarkar, from Puducherry in India, to help underprivileged children of the region.

  • Vellai Thamarai values

    Willingness for education, social engagement, sharing knowledge and know-how, respect and integrity.

  • Mission and policies

    The mission of The Vellai Thamarai Organization is to give children free access to education, to offer work to villagers in the Chinnakattupalayam region and to promote Indian culture.

  • Vellai Thamarai team

    The two founders Ajit and Selvi Sarkar, rallied by a team of French and Indian members all involved in the project.

  • Educational policies

    The Vellai Thamarai Organization is engaged in aiding children’s education. Inaugurated in 2008, The School accommodates, free of charge, 160 children as of today.

  • Financing

    A summary of the complete financial activities

  • Social policies

    L’Association Vellai Thamarai s’engage auprès de la population locale en offrant du travail et en améliorant les conditions de vie.


Vellai Thamarai was accepted by the City of Paris to participate in a micro donation campaign on Friday October 10th and Saturday October 11th 2014.

News September - 29 - 2014

An evening of Bharata Natyam for the benefit of Vellai Thamarai School in India.

News April - 21 - 2014

Vellai Thamarai USA organizes an evening  of Kirtan with Jai Uttal.

News April - 8 - 2014

The complete programme for Yogasana workshops in India for   2015.

Workshops and training April - 28 - 2013

Please find the programme for Yogasana Pranayama  instructor training  in India scheduled for 2015, its objectives, the subject for each unit (practice, theory) and registration requirements. The teaching is in french. The programme on line is in french. The english version will be on line shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Workshops and training April - 26 - 2013

Christmas gift-wrapping: Vellai Thamarai prepares the Holiday Season !

News April - 19 - 2013

‘The Solidary Baguette’, ‘From Neuilly to Pondicherry’, ‘Sacha Guitry’, a number of events giving a forum to Vellai Thamarai.

News June - 22 - 2012